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Dear Wed 930am, Thursday 530/630Am riders,

Thank you so much for your continual support, love, and weekly bookings of these 3 classes over the past 2 years. Sometimes in our lives or schedules suddenly change and our responsibilities and needs from us as parents, daughters, sisters, and friends take a different turn then expected. It is that time for me in my life and I have decided to find a temporary longterm sub for these 3 classes on TheBarn’s schedule. I have full intentions of returning to these classes as soon as my life course heads down a different path that allows me the time I need to teach and make fun, effective playlists for you. For now I have decided to become a BARN member/client just like you! TheBarn has become an integral part of my life, my weekly routine, and my enjoyable escape from life's demands. I am looking forward to keeping my Barn classes in my daily routine and riding next to you for a while instead of in front of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support since the day The Barn opened. You, the Barn member, have changed my life in so many positive, rewarding ways that I never could've imagined and I am looking forward to being your teacher/coach once again in a few months :-)



Jenni Presley
Jenni Presley
Hi Melissa, it has been such a pleasure to be in your classes. I have greatly missed my Friday afternoons with you and your happy, upbeat personality!Family always comes first and I think all your faithful Barniacs will understand your decision. I hope to ride next to you soon. Much love and best of luck with everything. Jenni xxx