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HERE'S WattsUP...

It Is Watt It Is...
Traditional indoor cyclists are vehemently opposed to rhythm classes and any style of Indoor Cycling that does not maintain the integrity of road or mountain biking. Their commonly heard mantra, "if you wouldn't do it on the road don't do it indoors" resonates with the Indoor Cycling culture that was built by Spin® founder, Johnny G. I sincerely am of the opinion that this dedication to traditional Indoor Cycling is really cool. I'm good with it and say BRAVO to loving what you do!!!

Why can't we all just get along?
It isn’t hard to find a wealth of written articles that belittle, bash, name call, criticize, and in even one article ... reference going to hell if you teach Indoor Cycling classes that perform crunches, tap backs, lunges, bootie pops, pushups, dance movements, and add upper body resistance to an Indoor Cycle class. I'm not good with the negativity, the judgement, and the ugly criticisms by self proclaimed traditional Indoor Cycling "purists" directed at anyone who does not ride an Indoor Cycle as if it is an outdoor road or mountain bike.

The myopic mean-spritedness swirling around many Indoor Cycling communities by some traditional indoor cycle instructors and industry spokespeople NEEDS TO STOP.

Indoor Cycling as a form of GroupEx is just that ... a group exercise class.
Indoor Cycling is NOT outdoor cycling, especially to the majority of our class participants.

Riders aren't asking to be trained ... Riders want to have FUN.  
It isn't my job to define FUN for other people.  It is my job to provide Indoor Cycling classes that are FUN, safe, and effective.  If I'm teaching a CB2 Cycle class, I'm going to kick your A$$.  If I am teaching a CB2 Rhythm class, I'm going ask you to enjoy the ride and dance with me.  Sometimes, it is OK to 
have no strategic training purpose other than training to get through life.   It very much reminds me of a pickup game of basketball, a hike, a beach trail bike ride, or a night out of dancing.  How can something so wonderful be wrong?

Personally, I love a traditional Indoor Cycling class.  It makes me sad to watch as the culture of “purist” Indoor Cycling devises its own demise.  From their arrogance, negativity, and extremist voice rises a new generation of Indoor Cycling.

That's Watts Up

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling inspires, supports, and encourages studio owners and GroupEx programs to listen to what the customer wants. If the customer wants to GROOVE, then let them GROOVE. If the customer wants to maintain the integrity of the road, then offer traditional indoor cycling classes. If the customer wants to add upper body resistance and dance inspired movement to their Indoor Cycling routine, then GO FOR IT!!!

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling is a brand cultivated in the spirit of love, healing, non-judgement, diversity, transformation, and peace.

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling helps teach others how to layer change gradually into existing Indoor Cycling programs.

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling supports existing new skool Indoor Cycling studios as the model for Indoor Cycling entrepeneurs who are considering the concept of diversity within their Indoor Cycling small business.

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling celebrates differences and never criticizes.

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling understands that not everyone comes to an Indoor Cycle class for the same reason and most indoor cyclist are not outdoor cyclists.

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling is designed to give other Indoor Cycling programs permission to offer traditional Indoor Cycling classes alongside rhythm, total body, and Christian Indoor Cycling classes.

Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling is the future of GroupEx Indoor Cycling.

In the wake of a national obesity epidemic, I invite you to join the Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling crusade in celebrating Indoor Cycling for what it is … non impact cardio awesomeness on an indoor unicycle. Let’s team up to inspire others to adopt an active lifestyle through the power of music and movement.

Together, we can make a difference…
                                                       One pedal stroke at a time.


Madd Mo
Madd Mo
Super bummed Stephanie won't let me spin there!!! Karen if your read this please help me! I lost your contact info.
Susie Kiley
Susie Kiley
Thank you for creating a fun, safe and community oriented place to make a positive difference! Those that exude negativity need not take up any more of your time or space in your brain or heart. Let them go... Physically release them with your hands from your space, and continue to do what you do. Why? Because we all love it! And we all need it. I love the way we spin, party, and leave all the junk outside the Barn Doors! Faithfully continuing to ride my unicycle like a boss!! - Ricky Bobby
Hilary Perry
Hilary Perry
Karen, this is spot-on. Some of us are not ever going to ride outdoors, even if we live in the perfect outdoor riding place! I really enjoy the group mentality and your studio provides it on a bike! I miss those bootie pops a lot! :)
Nikki Kozlowski
Nikki Kozlowski
Hi Karen - Not sure if you remember me. I am Greg's wife (he used to work for Chris at Baxter). I finally got certified and I teach cycling. Your article above is spot on perfection and I wholeheartedly agree!!!
Paulette  Roper
Paulette Roper
Great article. Thanks.
Peter Gonzalez
Peter Gonzalez
Ditto 100%