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HERE'S WattsUP!!!

HERE'S WattsUP!!!
I respect and honor my traditional Indoor Cycling roots. 

I enjoy teaching and taking traditional Indoor Cycling classes.

I am good with the culture of traditional Indoor Cycling and support the science behind it. In fact, I applaud the passion that many traditional Indoor Cycling industry leaders have for their craft.

Having had the honor of learning from and working for a Spin® Master Trainer, I appreciate the Spin® program, alongside STAGES Indoor Cycling, Schwinn, Les Mills RPM, and others and their dedication to the road. I am attracted to a GroupEx format that offers a clearly defined set of RULES.

Through Precision Indoor Cycling, I learned the importance of form and function. I learned cadence maintenance to the beat of a metronome, the anatomy of the pedal stroke, how to build a class profile, heart rate zones, RPE, and basic bike set up. I followed the rules.  I still have the Precision training manual and the Star Trac bike that I couldn’t live without!!!

As a Spin® instructor, I delivered every class with brand integrity and pride. I loved the rules. I once challenged a rule and was reined right back in.  I was explained the WHY behind the rule and the importance of program/brand consistency. I am grateful for the Spin® program structure and in part, it fuels me still today.

As a STAGES Indoor Cycling instructor, I now use power as a training tool. I teach riders to set SMART goals using their own metrics. It doesn’t matter that the numbers aren't precisely aligned to the road. What matters is that the numbers are consistent and they are their own. Workouts that are measurable and repeatable track progress.

                                        POWER is MOTIVATION
                MOTIVATION is the #1 reason riders show up to class.*

I use the POWER data from STAGES Indoor Cycling in conjunction with Performance IQ, to educate riders how proper body alignment, pedal stroke, recovery time, and knowing what to expect impacts power output. As riders improve, data tracking emails and charts graph their progress.  Data tracking keeps riders coming back. This is FUN!!!

I teach road inspired classes with both precision and Spin® inspiration.

STAGES Indoor Cycling beautifully layers in education and inspires accomplishment without riders even realizing it. Performance IQ packages it all together and riders see real results.

I am not an outdoor cyclist but I relate to the outdoor cyclist as an athlete. 
Outdoor cyclists take and appreciate my classes because I understand the basic concept of training.

My personal Indoor Cycling evolution now includes and loves rhythm style classes. In the past year, I've taught myself how to teach rhythm Indoor Cycling classes with focused intent on movement that is safe and effective. My pedal stroke resembles that of a unicyclist rather than a bicyclist. Comparing the two pedals strokes doesn’t make sense, in my brain. Why not throw in the pedal stroke of a BMX outdoor cyclist and say we all have to ride the same way?  Who made up the rule that an indoor cycle must follow road rules?  What if the first Indoor Cyclist was a BMX'er?

It’s easy to get completely lost in the spirit of Rhythm classes.

The experience is unparalleled FitnessMagic (thank you, Les Mills for the term that defines the union of movement, music, emotion, and GroupEx).

Adopting rhythm classes as an instructor or studio owner/manager requires a new way of thinking.   Step back from the concept of training as an individual and consider riders in the room as a team.  Everyone's connected, yet none is connected.  The class moves together like waves in the ocean.    

Invite riders to ride the wave.
Ask them to let all their tension go and become weightless in the pedal stroke.   Tension is an antagonist. Tension in life, and in Indoor Cycling gnaws at our soul, tears us down, and attracts more tension.

     Create weightlessness.

     Hips follow shoulders. Shoulders follow hips. Eyes closed.
    Shoulders relaxed. Heart center open. Core lifted.  Knees in.
    Light on your pedals.  

    Leave all your tension outside.  Reach down, add resistance.
    Add resistance.  Feel comfortable yet slightly challenged.
   You are still weightless.

    Resistance is what builds you up and makes stronger.
    Embrace resistance.  Change doesn’t happen in your comfort zone.

It's OK to ride the rhythm wave.
Rhythm style Indoor Cycling classes can be taught safely and effectively.  It takes time and patience to introduce rhythm to an existing group of riders and instructors.  It can be done, though and it's worth the effort!!!