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There Is More Than One Way To Spin A Cat...

Variety of classes on the schedule is one of the things that makes TheBarn special.  It is also one of the things that riders appreciate most about us.  One of our riders, Eric Rush, took the time to share how he feels about taking different styles of Indoor Cycling classes.  I was blown away by his insight and want to share.

Thank you for your beautiful post. 

I love your comparison of indoor cycling and dance.  There is always more than one way to do things.  One is not better than the other...they are just different.
It's OK to be different!  It's OK to appreciate the similarities and respect the differences between teaching styles in both indoor cycling and dance.   I very much like your advice of lean the other way once in a while.  

Thank you for letting me share your post with others in the Indoor Cycling industry.  

A Note From Eric Rush to Keeping It FUN Indoor Cycling

Before I begin my post, I want to give you a little background on me. Prior to becoming a World Class Professional Dance Coach, I was doing combat missions in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. So you are probably saying to yourself, how does someone who was in the military go to becoming a professional ballroom dancer, right? The answer is simple. When I returned home there was a dramatic shift in my personality, from the fun and playful person to one that was serious and more regimented, which equaled no fun. So where am I going with this, you ask. SEE, in ballroom there are two types of dance styles, Standard and Rhythm. Standard is the more serious dancing like Tango and The Waltz. Rhythm is the more playful side like Salsa and Cha Cha. In my teaching both dance styles, I have learned that most students have a tendency to lean towards what their personalities call for and not for what their personalities need.

As in my dance lessons , there are technical spinning classes where your primary focus is to understand body mechanics such as spatial awareness, positioning, contractions and expansions of your legs, waist, hips, arms and back. There are also elements of core awareness and activation. On the other side of the spectrum is rhythm spin classes. If I asked you how many times you heard some say, "I have no rhythm!" What would you say? Probably a thousand times right? Rhythm classes offer students the ability to free up constricted energy by following pulsations to music. Along with similarities of technical spin classes, student become aware of spatial skills of both left side and right side body activation by pedaling to the rhythm of certain parts of the music. There is a certain liberation in being hypnotized to exercise by listening to music.

It is my advice, whichever your personality leans the most, go the other way every now and then so you that you do not constrict yourself from the feeling of liberation and freedom. Stretch yourself.

I love both my dance classes and spinning classes because they both allow me to explore and stretch my physical, mental and spiritual consciousness.

Don't Fake The Turn, Enjoy the Burn. See you in our next spin classes together!
The Light In You,
Eric Romero Rush

Important side note...the term Spin® when used in the context of Indoor Cycling is a registered trademark.   I do not expect those outside the industry to know this, therefore, I did not change the content of Eric's note.  The letter is beautifully written in his "voice."
Out of respect for the Spin® and Spinning® brand, I want to recognize it as the registered trademark it is.