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Got Rhythm?

Rhythm Classes are a Party On A Bike!!!

Most riders in indoor cycling classes are not training for anything competitive.
They are simply training for life.

Variety of classes is one of the many benefits a dedicated indoor cycling studio offers.  
The culture of indoor cycling is changing quickly.
Until recently, indoor cycling was usually associated with the GroupEx schedule found at big box gyms.  Today, however, Indoor Cycling entrepreneurs across the country have shed the corporate shackles and are breathing new life into traditional indoor cycling.  

Rhythm style Indoor Cycling is one of the trademarks of the new generation of indoor cycling and is designed to appeal to all fitness levels and all ages.  The concept of adding dance inspired moves to a traditional indoor cycling foundation is very much aligned with Johnny G's vision of riding with the music, on beat, and on the same leg. Rhythm classes share the SPINNING® philosophy of creating a Mind/Body connection within a group exercise class.

Rhythm classes appeal to a new generation of indoor cyclists but also, at the same crossover to veteran indoor cyclists who are looking to add variety to their training program.   Because they are conducted an indoor unicycle that goes nowhere in the safe confines of four climate controlled walls, adding a little movement to your cycling workout is OK.   It's not wrong to cut a lil rug in an indoor cycling's just different. 

Welcome to the new generation of Indoor Cycling...Let's Dance!!!!!

WHY are Rhythm Classes Popular?
Rhythm classes harness the energy of a group of riders and connect them through music and movement. These classes create a feeling of unity, are therapeutic, have the ability to make time fly by, and inspire people to work harder. It FEELS amazing to move together ... connected yet not connected.

Riders who sign up for strictly rhythm classes are typically looking for more than exercise out of their GroupEX class.

They are in class to escape.
They are in class for the energy.
They are in class because it is FUN.
They are in class to FEEL connected.
They are in class because they FEEL welcome.
They are in class because for the first time, exercise doesn't FEEL like exercise.

Rhythm riders seek IT.

IT is a feeling.
IT is the The Connection.
    The connection to the music.
    The connection to the instructor.
    The connection to the indoor cycle.
    The connection to the team of riders.
    The connection to mind, body, & spirIT.

IT's all about the music...
Music binds a room full of strangers together.
Music has the power to heal and to motivate.
Music transports people to a different place with its ability to create and magnify emotion.
Music's Super Power is percussion.
    Percussion is the amplifier of FUN.
    Percussion demands rider response.
    Percussion invokes feelings of joy and makes people WANT to get up & dance.

Rhythm is addicting...
For many, rhythm style indoor cycling classes offer a healthy alternative to unhealthy addiction.

Rhythm classes have become the "drug" of choice for many people because they amplify life, elevate serotonin in the brain, combat depression, and provide an endorphin high. Rhythm classes have the ability to mentally transport a rider away from the emotional burden of daily drama, social pressures, and work/family/financial stress and into a carefree space that is safe and free from judgement. For that one hour, it's all about you, the bike, and the music.

Simply put, CB2 Rhythm classes are CardioTherapy.